Connection help Power BI - Trello ( Custom Fields)

I made a connection between Trello and Power BI over HTTP, but I’m not able to bring the information from Custom Fields.

I’m using this (Json.Document code (Web.Contents (“”, [RelativePath = “1 / members / me / boards”, Query = [key = Key, token = Token]] )),

separating the ID column and doing a Get function (= (idBoard as text) => let
Source = Json.Document (Web.Contents (“”, [RelativePath = “/ 1 / boards /” & idBoard & “/ lists”, Query = [key = Key, token = Token ]]))
Source) to bring up lists, cards and labels, but the custom fields for this function are not working.

Can anybody help me.

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managed to get it working on PowerQuery, it also uses M language so it should work for you as well:

s = “”,
O = Json.Document(Web.Contents(s))[cards],
in O

The biggest difrence is that i add “card_customFieldItems=true” and some other query parameters (that you might not need) this will expand on the “cards” object so that each card now also has it’s custom field values. since you won’t find the custom field names here you probably also want to include “&customFields=true”
either way, trello API documentation explains it in more detail then I could go about on a post


I am so sorry, but it doesnt work here.

Whats wrong?

= (idBoard as text) => let
Fonte = Json.Document(Web.Contents(“”, [RelativePath = “/1/boards/” & idBoard & “/cards”, Query = [key = Key, token = Token, fields = “all”,customFields = “true”, card_customFieldItems = “true” , labels = “all”]]))

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