ConnectModules inside Forge Manifest


i am trying to build a Jira cloud app using Forge, the app would require to have a button added to the Kanban board page, i have came across the below pages

i am trying to include the right connect module that allows adding a button to the Kanban page inside the Forge manifest.

but still I am not managing to get a manifest.yml that works with ConnectModule inside it and would appreciate any support.

Hello ToMa, thanks for getting in touch!
Are you able to share your forge manifest and the error that you are receiving?

Hi @ragrawal thank you for getting back to me.
let me provide more details to clarify my request and the issue i am facing:
i am after placing my application button in the place highlighted by Yellow below

i have came across this example Bitbucket that shows how to include ConnectModules inside Forge Manifest and it was deployable for me after adding to the bottom of it “app”

then i started looking into ConnectModules for something that allows me to place the button in the place i want and i got to this Boards
so i tried to integrate that into the example from Git but didnt work out (probably i did it wrong but i am not able to figure out what)

and the error i am getting on deployment is
20:6 error manifest.yml failed to parse content - bad indentation of a mapping entry valid-yaml-required

Error: Command failed due to validation error.

appreciate your support

Hello Toma!
I am with Richa’s team

Please remove comma(,) at line 20. YAML is not happy with the comma separator between keys.

Just tip: if you manage the yaml file with a certain IDE, such as vs-code, it would be better for managing yaml file cause the ide shows you if the file looks ok with the corresponding extension, such as .json, .yaml etc

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