Console.log inside custom ui


as a junior developer I am in the process of taking over the development of a Jira Forge app that basically creates a custom ui field, that opens a modal where two async selects are available to fetch data from an external system which are used to create a string displayed in the custom field of the issue (e.g. an external project reference).

So far I understood, this custom ui is an embedded React application wrapped in an iFrame, where useState and useEffect are utilized. To understand some of the logic of the function (e.g. the payload for submiting), I wanted to add console.logs but to my initial surprise they don’t show up while tunneling.

After consulting the docs ( I figurred, that I am limited to the resolver functions.

Is there a way to pass custom ui console.logs to forge logs while tunneling or at least get them to show in the browser console?

Thank you in advance


Hello @DavidIhl,
We understand your concern, but unfortunately as per our current implementation, front-end logs cannot be captured for Custom UI. We surely have plans to enable the front-end logs, but it will take some more time to hit the roadmap. For time being we will check internally whether we can provide you with some workaround.
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the swift response. Your decisionmaking is very understandable, looking forward to any improvement though, I will try to find my way with a different approach :slight_smile:

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Hi there, you can access logs from the developer tools in your chosen web browser, just as you typically would do when using console.log.

There are no plans to support forge logs in UI Kit 2 or custom UI soon because they are rendered client side rather than serverside like UI Kit 1, but we are looking into it.

If you wish explicitly to see logs in forge logs please wrap the console.log in a resolver, this will then be renedered serverside and visible in forge logs