Content body cannot be converted to new editor format


I am working on an app with a feature that allows users to insert a macro into the page using the storage format. However, whenever I try inserting the macro using the rest-api ‘/rest/api/content/’, I am seeing a 400 error with “Content body cannot be converted to new editor format”. This feature used to work not too long ago. Does anyone know if there were any changes made to the new editor?

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Having the same error when I try to update some pages and will be interested how we can troubleshoot it.
And my test is very simple - I read content and without changes update the page and it fails with the error above (ok i do serialize and serialize) and will try to do it without serialization

I am having exact same issue.

I also tried adding the “User-Agent” solution in link below, but did not change outcome.

+1 on this. Tried the user agent fix, adding the metadata (see below) in the data part of the request but no luck.

"metadata": {
            "properties": {
                "editor": {
                    "key": "editor",
                    "value": "v2"

Sorry to revive this thread, but I’m wondering if anyone has found a fix for this? None of the suggestions on the community forum post worked for me, I’ve only recently come across this issue which is breaking some production code now.
My comment on the other post:

We have an automation that uses the confluence API to update a page. This process was working correctly until Oct 5 when we started getting the Content body cannot be converted to new editor format error.

  • Same issue in Postman and in our original python code
  • The user-agent header is supplied
  • There aren’t any ri: elements so I don’t think there’s anywhere to add the ri:space key. Maybe I’m wrong?
  • I don’t see anywhere to select Editor v1 when creating/editing a page so I can’t try sending the same page content there as suggested.