Context parameters are empty strings when running marketplace app

Hello guys,

We are having a weird problem, and I would like to know if someone else is having it too.

One of our clients is having trouble running our application, and the problem is that the context parameters from atlassian-connect.json are empty strings. Here you have the module that the client is not able to run:

        "generalPages": [
                "url": "/modules/teamfiles?spaceID=${}&spaceKey=${space.key}",
                "name": {
                    "value": "TeamFiles Home"
                "key": "teamfiles-filemanager",
                "conditions": [
                        "condition": "user_is_logged_in"

As you can see, we are using two context parameters, and space.key.
Here you have the route that is running after the user presses the button to run that module. The url we are receiving:


As you can see both spaceID and spaceKey are empty. This started to happen after we released a new version of the app where we added new scopes. The user manually updated the app in the “manage apps” section by pressing the “update” button.

Does anyone know what is the source of this problem?

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