ContextMenu - Forge Custom UI


Is there any possibility to have a ContextMenu in an App developed using Custom UI?
Using Forge UI Kit, it is very simple to create a context menu. but I could not do that with Forge and Custom UI.

Are you talking about the IssuePanelAction component from UI Kit 1?

If so, no, Custom UI doesn’t have a feature like that. You would need to build your own context menu using something like the DropdownMenu component.

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I am talking about ContextMenu in Confluence Page. where on text selection a menu shown with Create Comment or a Jira issue. I wanted to extend this menu with an entry using CustomUI Forge App. With forge UI kit it is very simple and can be done suing components from forge/ui.

Yeah, the confluence:contextMenu module supports both Custom UI and UI Kit. You can select a Custom UI template when running the forge create command.