Contributing to unsupported Marketplace apps


I’m using an app built by Atlassian Labs and I can see it is unsupported. I’m enjoying using this app, but I can see some minor defects I’d like to fix myself, is it possible for the general public to submit merge requests to the repository this app is built from?

The app is called Decision Helper for Confluence

Unfortunately, despite multiple requests in the past and a heartfelt plea, Atlassian is still not very susceptive to external contributions.

The best thing you can do is try and find the developers that created the app, although there is a high change that they either moved on to built greater things within Atlassian or have left the company.

Alternatively, as with a lot of things Atlassian concerned, you can also join the ever growing choir of people screaming into the void.

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Hi @DanielRichter ,
Is the app open source?

Hi Marc,

I don’t believe it is, Remie shared a more detailed answer in his linked post above.