Convert Jira formatting (ADF probably) into HTML


In our application we are storing in database jira api response. we use the following call:

This response returns fields in jira format. I am not sure how this formatting is called. But it looks like this one:

h1. Some topic
this is a story

Now, I want to convert this into HTML. I want to do this conversion in backend preferably. But Front end, with JS is also an option.

What do you suggest?


Hi @HakanAkdag , welcome to the developer community!

Since you are using the v2 Jira API (/rest/api/2) you are getting Jira’s older format. v3 will give you ADF.
However, there is a feature in the v2 API to return HTML. Add the renderedFields option to the expand parameter, so it looks like expand=names,schema,editmeta,renderedFields


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Thank you for your response, I really appreciate.

But I cant use v3 api and also I cant call v2 api with renderedFields parameter. I already have response from v2 api in the database which I showed in the initial post. Now I need to convert it to HTML.

I found the following options
1- User attlasiankit and do it in frontend - hard to configure and not sure what to do
2- here somebody responded a code block in Java. not sure if this will work too.