Copy page with history

Hi all,
Does anyone know if there is a way in Forge to copy a page with all its history?

Hey Matteo, thanks for reaching out!

Just looking to clarify your question, I’m not sure if this is two questions or one. Do you mean to copy the URL of the current page as well as that page’s window history (the visited URL’s)?

If so this is not possible as far as I am aware as this is a limitation implemented by the Window WebAPI which does not allow direct access to the URL’s of a page, but does allow navigation through the window history (which Forge should support). See here for more.

Forge does not natively provide any additional access to the page history external to this API.

I hope this answers your question. If not I look forward to the follow up!


Hi Matthew,
Sorry I did not explain myself well!
I meant copy a Confluence page with the whole Page History, so all versions of a page.



Hi @MatteoGubelliniSoftC,

I believe you can do that with the Copy API endpoint: Copy Single Page

With this endpoint you can use the following expands that would get you some History information

  • history returns the history of the content, including the date it was created.
  • history.lastUpdated returns information about the most recent update of the content, including who updated it and when it was updated.
  • history.previousVersion returns information about the update prior to the current content update.
  • history.contributors returns all of the users who have contributed to the content.
  • history.nextVersion returns information about the update after to the current content update.

Hope this helps!

So basically I’ll have to create each version of the new page from the source page.