Could Atlassian Access also handle SSO for "external" users

Hello Developer Community :wave:,
I have a question regarding Atlassian Access.

My team and I maybe want to use Atlassian Access but we are not complete sure if Atalssian Access would help us with our use case.

We want to achieve to offer our users two applications for handling customer requests and other customer related functionalities.

The first application is Jira Service Management for handling the customer requests and the second application is self-built and is taking care of the rest of the customer related functionalities. In conclusion we have two applications which are hosted separately.

Now what we try to achieve is that the user has to log in only once and then can use both applications.

We have seen that Atlassian Access offers such a SSO functionality.

Because of that I read the Atlassian Access documentation and did some research.

If I understood it correctly then it is necessary to do a Domain Verification step because only accounts of the verified domain (managed accounts) could be used for SSO.

Is this true or do I overlook something here?

Because for our use case this probably wouldn’t work.
Our users aren’t “internal” users of our company so that we are responsible for the domains they use.
Instead our users are “external” users from various unknown companies so that we can’t do a domain verification of these domains which are owned by these “external” companies.

Now the question for us would be if Atlassian Access could also handle SSO for “external” users.

Thank you very much :+1: