CQL API Call - Does not recognise spaces in page title

I am hitting the CQL REST API to view page data. I am having trouble using curl to run a cql search where there are spaces in the page title.

For example, this works fine: curl <INSTANCE NAME>/wiki/rest/api/search?cql=title=Troubleshooting

However, these do not:
curl https://<INSTANCE NAME>/wiki/rest/api/search?cql=title=Form%20Builder

curl https://<INSTANCE NAME>/wiki/rest/api/search?cql=title=Form+Builder

Any idea how to handle spaces in this URL?

It looks to me like enclosing the escaped title in escaped single or double quotes works:



It’s worth a shot. Have you tried running the APIs in Postman? That’s all I’m doing when I’m checking this stuff. I like it because it handles all the credentials so it’s very convenient.