Cql field not rendering results in basic search

Hello Guys,
I have created in my plugin a cql field called mxdocowner that contains the doc owners of a defined document. The field is searchable, meaning that I can use in in my CQL (cqlService in JAVA and in REST as well: /search). I can as well search for the values using advanced search as shown in below:

But, when going to basic search and adding mxdocowner: Finance, I get empty results:

Can you please help?
In my atlassian-xml, I have added below module:

<cql-query-field fieldName="mxdocowner"
                     key="docowner-field" name="MxDocOwner Field"
        <ui-support value-type="string" default-operator="=" i18n-key="cql.field.doc.owner"/>


Hello guys,

Can you please help me?