Create a new issue with new components, versions, etc


I’m creating issues via REST API, like:

  "fields": {
    "summary": "Hi Hi",
    "issuetype": {
      "id": "10002"
    "project": {
      "key": "SCR"
    "description": "Hi Ha Hu",
    "reporter": {
      "name": "admin"
    "assignee": {
      "name": "jim"
    "fixVersions": [
        "name": "1.2"
    "priority": {
      "id": "2"
    "labels": []

That all works perfectly. However, when I want to create a version which doesn’t exist, then I get this error:

{"errorMessages":[],"errors":{"fixVersions":"Version name '1.2' is not valid"}}

I know that I could create a new version with the /versions endpoint.
However, is there a way to ‘directly’ create the version with the create issue request. Similar how the Web-Interface only uses a single request (/secure/QuickCreateIssue.jspa) to do it.
Avoiding the extra API calls would make it way easier to work with.

Nope. The version (fixVersion) must already exist.