Create a simple preview link for my app in Jira

I’m starting to build an integration for my SaaS app to Jira Cloud.

I would like to open issues, and in those, add a field with a “preview box” of an item in my SaaS app, i.e an icon, title, description, similar to how links are previewed in chat apps etc.

Is it something I must use a Forge app for, or is there any simpler way?

@UriP welcome to the Atlassian developer community.

Atlassian has a notion of Smart Links across our products:

Unfortunately, as some of the comments at the top of that thread indicate, Smart Links are not externally extensible at this time. As such, the only way to extend the Atlassian user interface now with some kind of preview would be a Forge or Connect app.

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Ian, thanks a lot for the answer!