Create API token using rest api

I am working on a solution where I am asking for user to enter API Token that he/she can create from security setting page. Users who going to use my application are not technically sound and this seems to be an uphill task for them.

So I am thinking of making it easy for end users and generate this api token programmatically using rest api endpoint.

Is this ask feasible? If yes please guide me to a documentation page for further understanding of achieving it. I did my research and unable to find anything related to it.

Note: Due to some reason I am not going to use OAuth2.0 3lo apps solution for generating token.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you help us understand why you aren’t going to use the OAuth2.0 3LO Apps solution for this? As this is the recommended approach to your question.

@rwhitbeck I am developing an application that doesn’t have any backend service to store client secret. In OAuth2.0 3LO flow, code to token exchange is done using client id and client secret. Secret being sensitive data, I cannot store it in application (javascript running on browser) itself.