Create Confluence Topic and Fill table with data from Jira ticket (comments, and fields)


I need to create a page in Confluence from a trigger triggered by a Jira ticket.

So far I’ve managed to achieve it. The difficulty is filling out a table in the body of the confluence page, with ticket information (whether comments or defined fields)

Does anyone have tips on how I can do this?


Hello @NunoSantos1 ,

I don’t know if this help your or not but you can try:

  1. Create a Confleunce page and add there the information using Jira Issue/Filter macro where you can select the table format and select which fields you wouldlike to see it.
  2. After saving the Confleunce page you can check what is there in Source Editor and you can reuse that information.


  <ac:structured-macro ac:macro-id="84842a77-e765-4f59-a016-baa34599abf2" ac:name="jira" ac:schema-version="1">
    <ac:parameter ac:name="server">JIRA</ac:parameter>
    <ac:parameter ac:name="columns">summary,type,key</ac:parameter>
    <ac:parameter ac:name="maximumIssues">20</ac:parameter>
    <ac:parameter ac:name="jqlQuery">assignee is not EMPTY  </ac:parameter>
    <ac:parameter ac:name="serverId">here you will see your Jira server ID</ac:parameter>

Best Regards,