Create incoming mail handler to close issue

Hello, I’m junior programmer and I’m prety new in Jira systems. I received request to create incoming mail handler what will close issues after handler finds command in email with syntacsis like: @status=close.
I already walk throught manual to create basic jira incoming mail handler plugin here. I will significantly appreciated help from you guys. If someone could paste part of code to close issues appropriatly it would be best! Also it will be nice if I could receive advice to work with incoming message custom syntacsis. Examples will save my days!

It’s realy interesting to manage issues through emails and I was surprised when i didn’t find examples with additional functionality for incoming mail handlers.

We are using Jira 7.3.0 with ServiceDesk 3.3.0

Waiting for response.

P.S. I’m sorry about my english. I hope people could understand me clearly. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Hi Alex,
Just out of curiosity, have you considered a pre-existing commercial solution? There are a few already, including JEMH (we are the vendor) which has supported massive features sets for email manipulate for years, including @key=value for the last 5+ years, and the ability to transition an issue with @workflow=close issue.

If you are intent on implementing just this feature, you need to explore workflow then devise a way to drive it, I’m afraid I cannot provide source code as the features you describe will be a clone of those in JEMH.

Hi Andy,
Thank you for your reply. I already tested JEMH plugin but I was suprised about a price for 1-25 users… We don’t have resources to use JEMH with 1-2 users for 500$.

Maybe you can provide another good option to us? Do we have an opportunity to discuss price?

Anyway, one more time thank you for your answer!

Hi Alex,

Do we have an opportunity to discuss price?

No, we start at 25 user tier for $500 to prevent us being swamped by support calls for the 10$ instance scenario, it ensures only ‘serious’ customers startup! Cost your development time, you’ll see JEMH is still cost effective to solve the problems you have.