Create issue with REST API

Hi there! I’m new into JIRA development, and I need help in order to create issues in JIRA Service Desk Application (myproject(dot)atlassian(dot)net). This is JIRA Cloud, right?

We have a project (myproject(dot)atlassian(dot)net/projects/CS) were we’ll like to create issues when customer service receive a specific email. Currently one person has to copy the information from the email and then create the issue. We’ll like to make this process more easy for this person (and her team).

From Jira Software Cloud REST API documentation I could not find anything about creating issues.

We need to create this issue and assign it to an existent user.

If this helps, we’ll use PHP for this.


Hi @JimmyAdaro,

Yes, that is Jira Cloud.

Check out this guide on integrating with Jira. It covers the different auth methods to consider as well as the REST APIs for creating an issue.

Let me know if this is helpful?


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I’d be tempted to look for a way to direct those emails to an email account from which Jira Service Desk could automatically create requests. Is there some kind of filter you could set up on the email server side of things?

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There are a core set of API’s for Jira that you can find in the Jira Platform REST API documentation:

Please also note the “Run in Postman” button at the top of the REST API that allows you to try making these REST API calls directly.