Create multiple dashboard gadgets

Hello, in my forge app, I have successfully created a dashboard gadget using custom UI. Now I want to create another dashboard gadget in the same app. Is this possible?

When I put two “jira:dashboardGadget” keys in the manifest.yml, I get the following error when building the forge app:

32:-356 error manifest.yml failed to parse content - duplicated mapping key valid-yaml-required

Hi @AnishHirlekar , you won’t be able to have multiple modules like this. You will need to create a separate app

@QuocLieu So does that mean that we cannot use Forge to create a reporting app where we may want to introduce multiple gadgets?

@ravisagar Thats right. They will need to be separate forge apps

Ok so with one gadget the user can still create multiple instances of the same gadget on the dashboard right?

Yes that’s right

@ravisagar may i ask you please what was the type of the gadget you created? was it one of the default options available in Jira Dashboard or you managed to customize the gadget?