Create (multiple) Issues with Web Request Results via Jira Automation

Hi Guys,

I’m new to Jira Development and lookin for some help.

What I want to do is to get some subfields from a bundledfield (from the App ‘Extension for Jira Service Management’) on an issue and create new issues for subfield/sub-entry

What I have at the moment ist the successful GET Web Request. I can get all this subfields, so this works fine. Now I try to create new issues with this results. Also my POST Web Request is successful, but only with fix values. I struggle to use the GET Results here.

I tried something like this but this doesn’t work:

Also I tried to create a variable and assign it here, but my syntax is not correct. Is this correct and how can I proceed?

Additionally: The .get(1) will of course only work for one specific entry. Can I even create say 2 Issues when I get even 2 results by the GET statement?

I hope this is understandable


Of course I could even proceed with the ‘Create Issue’ Action. I think this would work in general, but I can not create multiple Issues at once I guess