Create new page for project settings


i want to add a new page under project settings.

I added a new web-item to show a link under “Versions” and can open a page but how can i use the project settings layout?

I try something like:

and can open a new page with administration-menu but i want to view the page like the other project settings pages with the left navigation/information.

Hi Michael,

Did you manage to resolve your issue? I’m trying to accomplish the same, but also can’t figure out to show my page in the project settings layout…

Hey rens, ask a new question and ping me. I’m happy to show you the gist of it, but it’d be good to understand your context and use-case.

Hi Steven, I was in the middle of creating a new Topic when this one popped up: Page decorator value for project settings page in JIRA. I have exactly the same issue.

I have been prying around a bit in config files of other plugins, but no luck so far. I already suspected the Jira source code would be my best bet, but up until now I couldn’t get hold of my colleague that holds the account to access its download…

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