Create New Unique App Keys for Power-Ups and Integrations

We are releasing feature updates that enable Trello developers to create unique App Keys for their Power-Ups and Integrations. These new app keys can be managed by collaborators (like Power-Ups.)

Don’t worry, your existing app keys will continue to operate, but we encourage all developers to create and implement new unique app keys by 12/31/2022.

Additional details are posted in the developer documentation.

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Hi, this is a handy feature, indeed. But I have a problem.
I’ve created a power-up in order to connect my Trello team to Power BI to process the data of my team. But when I import the queries I get only data connected with my personal profile, not with the team. I’m talking about queries such as: Actions, Comments, Notifications - all of which I need to have organizationwise, not only mine. Something is certainly wrong, because I get data for other Trello teams as well, which shouldn’t be possible.
Am I doing something wrong or the feature is not working completely?

So what happens on 2022/12/31?

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Hey, thank you for reaching out, with these concerns.
We’ll need more information on what is happening so we can better assist you.
Are you the developer of Power BI?
Is this an app you created for integrating with Power BI?
What does this app/power-up do?
What do you mean by “import the queries”?
Any more details would be great.

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