Create New Unique App Keys for Power-Ups and Integrations

We are releasing feature updates that enable Trello developers to create unique App Keys for their Power-Ups and Integrations. These new app keys can be managed by collaborators (like Power-Ups.)

Don’t worry, your existing app keys will continue to operate, but we encourage all developers to create and implement new unique app keys by 12/31/2022.

Additional details are posted in the developer documentation.

Hi, this is a handy feature, indeed. But I have a problem.
I’ve created a power-up in order to connect my Trello team to Power BI to process the data of my team. But when I import the queries I get only data connected with my personal profile, not with the team. I’m talking about queries such as: Actions, Comments, Notifications - all of which I need to have organizationwise, not only mine. Something is certainly wrong, because I get data for other Trello teams as well, which shouldn’t be possible.
Am I doing something wrong or the feature is not working completely?