Create page from different source formats via REST API


Is it possible to create page via REST “create content” api from other formats, not just storage format? The api docs says that there are multiple different versions available like: view, eport_view, styled_view, editor2 and anonymous_export_view.
If I export simple page to these formats and try to use correct input for create content api, I still get only empty pages. Only storage format creates page with content.
Is it a bug in confluence rest api? Or is it not up2date atlassian docs?

And are there any options to get more feedback from create content api than just http 200 that results as empty page? Since the storage format works then it just seems that confluence cant handle the input (that is actually created by itself) while creating new content.


The examples in the reference documentation are generated automatically. The description of body seems to indicate that you can only supply 1 property to set and it is suggesting It be storage there might have been a misunderstanding of the parameter by the tech writer when they put the description together. I’ll bring this to the team’s attention.