Create UI after JIra Event Trigger

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible or not to create UI for example a pop-up using ModalDialog after a Jira event e.g. issue created or comment made.
I have tried to mix them like this, but nothing seems to be happening. I want to make changes based on a user comment, but have a pop-up asking them to confirm if they would like the change to occur or not.

const App = () => {
	const [isFormOpen, setFormOpen] = useState(true);
	console.log("Why doesn't anything popup?");
	return (
	<ModalDialog header="Test" onClose={() => setFormOpen(false)}> </ModalDialog>
export async function run(event, context) {
	const run = render(<App/>);

Hi @ChrisChan ,

Right now there is no such possibility for UI to appear after an event but thank you for this question because we will take it into consideration and maybe in the future it will be possible.

Maybe you could consider performing something in exchange:

Try to catch event through the web trigger (ex. added comment) and save this info in storage. Then, if someone opens the application, you could acknowledge it and show the modal on basis of that.

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Hi @MagdalenaRogulska ,

I’d like to also highlight that this is a significant limitation that should to be pushed up the priority list for implementation. The provided event triggers are excellent in being able to capture user initiated events, however the inability to prompt for user input currently limits what action can be taken in response to an event.

Its a good suggestion to capture and store the event for later handling, however relying on the user subsequently opening the application to provide feedback after the event could leave the system in an undesired state for an extended period of time, and relies on user training to ensure correct processes are followed.