Create users via Api, Experimental?

Hi Guys,

Looking at the documentation, create user via api it’s experimental. Someone knows if Atlassian will put stay that option

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community, @FabioManzoni.

From the linked docs about POST /rest/api/3/user:

This resource is retained for legacy compatibility. As soon as a more suitable alternative is available this resource will be deprecated.

Which means we won’t be removing the experimental tag. Rather, there is still expected to be a new way to add users. My current recommendation is the Atlassian-wide user provisioning APIs, although that is not the formal replacement at this time.

That’s because this approach works in a much more indirect way to add users to Jira. The approach is based on a standard called System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) and requires that sources act as if they were user directories. Even after provisioning user and groups, there is not a direct way to add a user to Jira. Instead, products rely on group membership to decide if the user should be added. So, even with a level of automation, this approach still requires some up-front administrative configuration.

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