Create workflow with custom statuses by API

I’m developing Jira cloud plugin. And I want to create custom statuses and workflow specifically for my plugin. Is it possible to do it by REST API or what the other options?
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Hey Aleksey, welcome to our developer community.

You can use our REST APIs to create a workflow scheme, and perform a bunch of other workflow scheme operations. Unfortunately, we only support returning an existing status via API right now, not creating a new one, but I’ll let the team know about this for consideration. You can of course always create new statuses via the web UI as a workaround.

I hope this helps! And if you don’t mind me asking, I’d love if you could share some context with me on your use case for creating custom statuses via API. It’ll help us understand why this would be helpful for you and aid us in prioritization of this functionality.

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Many thanks for your contribution on this topic. Could you kindly specify what exactly “the web UI” refers to? Not sure I completely understand what you mean.

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Any new updates here? I am also interested in creating workflow statuses via api.
The Web UI technically also needs an API. That’s really surprising to me that this is still missing.
provides only “Get all statuses” and “Get status” endpoints

It’s bizarre that the REST API permits complex workflow creation, but provides nothing for status creation. Statuses are an integral part of workflows, so the total lack of ability to manipulate statuses substantially decreases the usability of the API. Why is there no support for status manipulation?

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agreed, this is such a simple thing to implement but very necessary for proper app development! Here is the feature suggestion where you can vote for and track this issue [JRACLOUD-76427] Add a REST API endpoint to add new workflow status - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.

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