createMeta not returning create fields for an issue type

Hi, Is there any reason that createMeta would not return any create issue fields for a particular issue type? For one of our customers, their sub-task issue type returns an empty array as the list of fields. This uses the createMeta REST API and only occurs for that issue type, not the others

Any ideas?

EDIT: I using expand=projects.issuetypes.fields in the URL

Hi @paul ,

I can’t think why this would be the case. Are you able to reproduce this?


Hi @dmorrow

I can’t reproduce it on my end, just the customers. If they do a REST API request in the console it just returns an empty list. From what I understand it is just for some projects, not all.

I coded around it in my app but when I tried to create issues the ones with a summary got an error saying the summary wasn’t on the create screen and the ones without a summary got an error saying that the summary was a required field. This is all in the same bulk create issue request.