Creating a New Repo

Hey, I’m new to Bitbucket and I’m trying to create a repo here that will later be connected to an existing GitHub repo. Unfortunately, each time I try to create a repo on here, the create page refreshes with an alert that also clears the Project Name field:

Initially I thought perhaps it had to be a unique name, but I’ve tried dozens of names that are unique and random and I can never get past this stage and it’s totally unclear as to why that is. Is this a bug, or is there something I’m missing?

Hey @KevinCorso looks like you’ve ended up in the Developer Community rather than the Community forums. In the Developer Community we answer questions about developing apps within the Atlassian Ecosystem - rather than product questions.

Here’s the steps to create a new Repo in Bitbucket Create a repository | Bitbucket Cloud | Atlassian Support - it sounds like maybe you haven’t created any projects to put your repo in?

Here’s a link to the community forums for Bitbucket for future reference! Bitbucket - Atlassian Community


Thanks, Mel