Creating Custom Contents in SpacePage app (Confluence Forge app)

I am developing a Forge app that will render a Space Custom Content List View and currently in the process of creating my custom content which I would like to populate/update with values extracted from the space’s pages. I am not sure about the second part of creating multiple custom content type instances and updating their values. Specifically, What do I need to add to the following code snippet to create the actual customer type:

import ForgeUI, {render, Text, SpacePage, useProductContext, SpaceCustomContentListView} from '@forge/ui';

const App = () => {
    const {spaceKey, localId, environmentType} = useProductContext();
    // extractAppId implementation omitted
    const type = `forge:${localId}:${environmentType}:customer`;
    return (
        <SpaceCustomContentListView type={customContentType} spaceKey={spaceKey} />

export const run = render(