Creating Jira issue with custom assignee in Jira cloud fails with account not found

Hi guys,

Trying to create an issue in Jira, with a very simple JSON

  "fields": {
    "summary": "my simple test",
    "issuetype": {
      "id": "10103"
    "project": {
      "key": "TEST"
    "assignee": {
      "id": "somenumber:someguid"

Adding the header to opt-in to GDPR compatible mode
“x-atlassian-force-account-id”, “true”

Using “id”, instead of “accountId” because of this
And also the official doc says it shall be “id”,

But keep getting “Account ID somenumber:someguid does not exist”

Well, account exists - checked with

To bring some more context - this request is initiated from the add-on with scopes: “READ”, “WRITE”, “ADMIN”, “ACT_AS_USER”

Add-on can create issues in Jira (when I remove the assignee part) and it can change assignee when I opt-out from GPDR mode (no extra header added) and instead “accountId” use

"name": "account_name"

Any clues?

Hi @sash011,

Are you creating with the v2 or v3 API? Try swapping the API version you’re using, and let us know if the problem continues.


Thanks @mventnor
I was using “/rest/api/latest/issue/”, switching to “/rest/api/3/issue/” has fixed the issue!