Creating pages with parent pages and labels

I’ve recently spent time exploring the GraphQL API for Confluence, and I must say, I’m quite intrigued by its potential. While I’m genuinely impressed with its capabilities so far, there are a few areas of enhancement that, in my opinion, could elevate its utility and usability:

  1. Labels Management: As of my last exploration, I noticed there isn’t a direct method to retrieve or set labels via GraphQL. This feature would significantly streamline content categorization and retrieval processes.
  2. Page Hierarchy: While querying provides ancestor information, the createPage mutation seems to lack the capability to create a page as a child of another. Establishing and managing a content hierarchy is essential, and having this feature would greatly enhance content organization.
  3. CQL Integration: Incorporating the ability to search via CQL would be a tremendous asset. It’s a feature many of us have come to rely on and would be a fantastic addition to the GraphQL toolset.
  4. Documentation for Forge & Confluence: A comprehensive guide detailing the integration of GraphQL with Forge and Confluence, complete with example code, would be immensely beneficial. Having hands-on examples, akin to what’s available for the REST API, would expedite the learning and adaptation process.

I wholeheartedly appreciate the effort and innovation poured into developing GraphQL for Confluence. My intention behind these suggestions is to contribute constructively to its ongoing evolution. I’m genuinely excited to see how this will shape up in the future and am eager to integrate it more deeply into our workflows.