Critical: New versions of OBR plugins are being corrupted


It looks like new versions of OBR plugins become corrupted after uploading them to the Marketplace.

I’ve re-checked it by uploading a new version of the plugin twice.

  1. Plugin is OK locally (.OBR extension)
  2. Plugin uploaded to the Marketplace -> Uninstallable (reported by other customers)
  3. Download the plugin binary file from the Marketplace -> the packed jar within the obr file is unreadbale




I have had the same issue on Dec 18th. Had to release 3 versions to get it correctly uploaded and published.
Also have heard from our customers that they cannot update the plugin (even after we have successfully published the version). This has self-resolved later that day.

Do you still have issues publishing OBR?


Isn’t this linked to ?

Some of my plugins are .JAR, some are .OBR. Has anyone experienced problems with .JAR too? Or only .OBR?


Hi Team,

Are you all still facing this issue? Could you please share the AMKTHELP ticket number if you have logged one?

It would be great if you can share the .OBR files on the ticket for me try out. Thanks