*Cross-post* Feedback Request: Security Requirements for Cloud Apps (Including Trello)

Hi everyone, cross-posting an important announcement to make sure the Trello community has visibility. Check it out here!

TL;DR In the near future, Ecosystem Security is planning to publish an update to the security requirements for cloud apps, which fits into our overall goal of elevating trust in the marketplace.

The new security requirements now explicitly include Trello , clarifying how cloud security requirements should be applied to Trello Apps (Power-Ups) distributed to Trello customers.

Please head over to the post in Announcements to read the new requirements, and add you questions to the ongoing discussion.

As always, you can also share feedback by:

  • Email me directly at jcomito@atlassian.com
  • DM me on CDAC
  • If you need support in implementing a specific requirement, raise a DEVHELP ticket.
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