Crowd 5.3 EAP is out

We’ve just released an EAP of Crowd 5.3, so you can get familiar with the upcoming changes. Unless we need to include emergency or unplanned changes, this should be the only EAP for Crowd 5.3


  • Faster LDAP directories synchronization: We’ve improved Crowd synchronization with LDAP directories for a faster, more memory-efficient and reliable experience.
  • Blocked non-Marketplace app uploads: Uploading apps to Crowd via the UI or REST has been disabled by default to improve instance security.
  • SBOM generation: Crowd releases will now contain a Software Bill of Materials bundle which includes all dependency versions used to build Crowd.
  • Removed OpenID integrated apps: The OpenID server and client have been deprecated in Crowd 5.2 and will no longer be available in Crowd 5.3. If your app or custom scripts rely on using OpenID Web Apps, you’ll need to migrate to a different Identity Provider.
  • Platform 6.5 components & API changes: Crowd 5.3 will include Platform 6.5 components. We’ve updated libraries and plugins both developed by Atlassian and third parties.

Downloads and documentation

For details, check out the documentation on how to prepare for Crowd 5.3.

We’re currently experiencing an issue with the official EAP download page. You can download Crowd 5.3.0 EAP directly using the following links:

Share your feedback

If there’s anything we can provide that will make it easier for you to understand and plan for the changes, let us know by commenting below this post.

Happy testing,
The Crowd team

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