Crowd 6.0 EAP is out

We’ve just released an Early Access Program (EAP) of Crowd 6.0 so you can get familiar with the upcoming changes. Unless we need to include emergency or unplanned changes, this should be the only EAP for Crowd 6.0.


  • Migration to Java 17: We’ve removed support for JDK 8 and 11. Crowd 6.0 only supports JDK 17.
  • Removed support for JNDI datasource connection: We’ve removed JNDI as a method for connecting to the database.
  • Upgrade to Platform 7: We’ve upgraded to Atlassian Data Center Platform 7.
  • Endpoint default security annotations: By default, endpoints will require an authenticated user instead of allowing public access.
  • Front-end dependencies SBOM file included in the distribution: With this improvement Crowd becomes compliant with the Secure Software Development Framework.

Downloads and documentation

For details, check out the documentation on how to prepare for Crowd 6.0.

Share your feedback

If there’s anything we can provide that will make it easier for you to understand and plan for the changes, let us know by commenting below this post.

Happy testing,
The Crowd team