Crowd Incremental sync

Today I have crowd that syncs groups from Azure having extention application id =xyz
I created my own directory and implemented SynchronisableDirectory, RemoteDirectory
In synchroniseCache method I’m disabling and enabling directories in Jira (for full sync each time using rest api from crowd)
Is there a way I can do incremental sync for these directories instead of full sync each time

Hello @IbrahimItani ,

I might not be the best person to reply here, however, I can see that in the description and comments of the below Feature Request there are some user provided scripts that you might find useful:

Below are the direct links to 2 comments with updated/improved versions of the script in the description:

Other feature requests you may want to review:

I hope this helps.

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Hello @Dario_B
Thanks for the above answer
Currently my implementation in synchroniseCache method in crowd is that i do call rest api in jira and in Jira I do the following actions:


Is there any impelementation I can do in synchroniseCache that prevents me from fetching groups from azure each time(incremtnal sync)?

Hello @IbrahimItani ,

As already said I might not be the best person to reply here and I don’t have full details on what you are using (crowd version, etc). However, in one of the examples in the comments of JRASERVER-68724 I can see they are using directoryManager.synchroniseCache() method that takes directory id and synchronization mode (full or incremental) as parameters:

Not sure if this can help. If it doesn’t I hope the other community members can be more useful.

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