Crowd Java integration libraries - update user

Hi, I’ve been looking at the Crowd Java integration library recently. I’ve managed to authenticate users and create new users, but I’m having some trouble working out how to update existing users.

Specifically, I’m hoping to find some code examples for the following:

  • Update details of an existing user (name, email etc)
  • Modify or add attributes to an existing user, when updating other other user details
  • Set the active/inactive status of an existing user

I presume the answer for all these questions lies in the CrowdClient.updateUser() method. Problem is, I’m not sure how to get/generate a User object where I can edit fields and send to updateUser(). All the classes related to users in the javadocs seem to be full of get*() but no set*()s!

I’m sure it’s a really simple answer and I’m just missing something obvious. Hopefully someone at Atlassian has used the java CrowdClient and can point me in the right direction.