Crowd Users - Unable to login successfully from the authentication popup

Hello Guys,

I have created a customized crowd connector that gets users and groups from Azure AD and imported them via crowd to JIRA.
I have used the following method of my class that implements RemoteDirectory:

    public User authenticate(String name, PasswordCredential passwordCredential) throws OperationFailedException 

Inside it, I have called Azure AD to get a token and once I get it, I returned the user.
Everything is working perfectly as this method is getting triggered on the login page of JIRA.
But, over internet, I’m redirected to the following popup (not a JIRA page) and obviously, my method will not be called and I cannot login. If I do “Cancel”, I will be redirected to JIRA and the login works fine.

What is wrong here? Can you please help me on how to login successfully from this popup too (as any user in JIRA) ?


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Any updates on the above please?
I appreciate your help.


Hi @rosy.salame,

So as I understand correctly you have a custom integration in Crowd that is connecting to Azure to get the groups and users and also it is handling authentication for users. Is that correct?
The redirect that you’ve described happens when you navigate to Jira’s login page? or after providing credentials? What do you mean by ‘over internet’?

Can you describe in more detail the whole interaction? Perhaps a har file or log from developers console in Chrome could help to diagnose why the redirection is happening.

Best Regards,
Marcin Kempa

Hello mkempa,

Yes, I have created a custom directory in Crowd that gets users and groups from Azure and puts them in JIRA.
Also, I’m handling the authentication in my below method (authenticate).
The redirect happens when choosing the URL of the login page.(I didn’t get to JIRA yet).
We have following up with support team and they detected the problem, it was a misconfiguration at network level.
In all cases, thank you for your help,