"CSP violation detected ..." in Forge tunnel while testing Confluence macro


I’m testing a Confluence Macro (Custom-UI) using Forge tunnel.
In general all works fine. But from time to time a warning message appears:

CSP violation detected for 'connect-src' while serving content at http://localhost:8001/
For an app to share data with external resources or use custom CSP, follow the steps in: https://go.atlassian.com/forge-content-security-and-egress-controls

Usually I can continue testing.
But when the additional message appears “CSP violation detected for ‘script-src’ …” the execution stops.
The deployed macro works fine without any error message in the browser console.

Does anyone has a clue why this appears? Is this an issue related to forge tunnel / node / docker?


P.S. Im working on Win10, node v12.19, Docker 4.3.2

Browser log when CSP violation occurs (only when using Forge tunnel):

I’ve noticed this too. Whenever I step away from my computer for a while and return, forge tunnel prompts that error. Once I restart forge tunnel it works again (no CSP error). Now by habit I restart forge tunnel whenever I step away (which is annoying).

Thanks @AB23Sunset. The behaviour you described I know as well.
My description above is different and appears while testing in one session without interruption.

Hi Atlassian staff,
i suspect that the number and volume of forge-bridge calls lead to the forge tunnel problems.
(As already mentioned without forge tunnel all works fine)

Can anyone have a look at this topic and help me please.

Thanks - BR,