Css issue in the http://localhost:8222/browse/NANM-3?filter=-3 for example


I have a question. I’m building an Addon that convert Jira to Arabic. I faced an issue which is once I flip the page to rtl I have a div has classname .ui-sidebar and it’s draggable,but when it’s rtl and drag the div it was working same as ltr.
how can I fix it to move from right to left

I have seen similar issues, a couple of them seem to be applicable. So far I see no indication that the side bar can be relocated. I have seen a few comments stating it cannot be done.

Here we see everything in the side bar layout is dependent on Classes which are not available for us to edit.

The next logical course of action would be to create a stylesheet that places things where we want them to go.

Unfortunately, this is not supported at this time but there is still one option on the table.