Current user as a default value for macro parameters

Hey guys,

I’m currently developing an app for Confluence cloud (Atlassian Connect) and I want to add a parameter of the type “username”. Everything is working fine so far, the parameter is added and working as expected. The thing that I’m currently trying to solve is to set the default value of that username parameter to the current user who adds the macro to the page. Is that somehow possible?

Thank you in advance.

PS: Sorry if that topic already popped up somewhere else. Please point me to the right direction then :slight_smile:

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Does nobody have an idea?

Hi @martin.gypser,

If you implement a custom macro editor this is pretty easy to do. But I assume you want to do this using the default macro editor? Not sure if that’s possible.


Thanks for your reply @sven.schatter :slight_smile: Yes, exactly. I would like to use the default macro editor to save some effort, but seems like it is the way you just mentioned. If I want to have that, then I have to create a custom macro editor. Thanks!

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