Custom API not working for some users

I have made a custom rest api endpoint in my custom plugin for confluence server 7.13.7. The custom endpoint receives a space key as the parameter and gives out the groups on that space.

It is working absolutely fine when I’m testing it on my local setup of confluence server with the admin account. But, it is not working and giving a 404 error when I’m testing it on the client’s instance even when the client’s user is added in the ‘confluence-administrators’ group.

I’m not able to figure out why this is happening. Can anyone please suggest me about the possible reasons why it is happening?

Hello @DishantSharma

Is your plugin starting correctly on your client’s instance ? anything in the logs ?

I’d suggest to monitor the logs to see what’s happening when the plugin is installed on the production instance.
If it installs without any issue , then , how do you access the REST endpoint on the production instance ? any chance the context path is different ?