Custom columns Boards and automation via REST API


I’m new to JIRA. I was given the task of automating the process of creating projects, there will really be a lot of them. Each project must have a Board with custom columns attached to it. How to do it? There is no way to create custom columns for a board in the REST API. Maybe there is a board template that can be connected to the project or something else

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Hi @Alyona ,

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community. Unfortunately I don’t think it is currently possible to configure boards using the Jira Software Cloud APIs. I’m also not away of any workarounds such as by using templates as you suggest.


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Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @Alyona,

To elaborate slightly on @dmorrow’s already correct answer, the resource exists as a board configuration with a columnConfig but it has no PUT or POST methods to create or edit it via the REST API. Moreover, there is no option to send a columnConfig when creating a board.


@dmorrow and @ibuchanan, thanks for the answers. I understand that using the REST API will not solve this problem. Is it possible to configure JIRA so that the board is already created with additional columns? If all the new boards will have the same columns, that’s good. I found a place in JIRA where you can configure task statuses and categorize them (to be completed, in progress, completed) /secure/admin/ViewStatuses.jspa. But I didn’t find how to add categories. Is this the wrong way? Boards based on a template cannot be created using the REST API. Please tell me how to automatically create such boards. Is it possible?

I’m also considering the idea of creating such boards using a plugin, but this is a more complex option


I don’t know any way to create boards that are preconfigured. And I don’t know any way that Cloud plugins can configure boards without using the REST APIs.