Custom Config UIs

Hi all,

i’m trying to develop a macro, that requires a custom UI for the configuration.
I thought, i might be able to directly open a modal with a custom UI, when someone clicks the edit button, or to spawn a modal, when a user clicks a button in the UI kit config dialog, but had no success.

Is it possible to override the default config button behavior when in the page’s edit mode to open a custom modal?
How does for example the plugin solve that?

Is there a way to use a custom UI for config option, other than implementing it in the normal rendering?

Otherwise: is it somehow possible to disable the “GlassPane” layer, that disables the interaction with the macro while in edit mode?

Thanks in advance



Unfortunately it’s not possible you use Custom UI for marco config in Forge (FRGE-513). Apps like can do it because it’s possible on Connect.

The glass pane isn’t something you can hide in either Connect or Forge - although that is something we’ll look to solve as part of the Live edit pages project.

The only workaround on Forge would to have a config/settings button on the published view of your macro that opens a modal. You would need to store the values in Forge storage rather than the config of the marco though.

@AdamMoore is the modal bug ever going to be fixed? [FRGE-819] - Ecosystem Jira (Created 20 September 2022)

Fundamentally broken. Modals are dynamic height. The content of those models can only be fixed height.


thank you for your answers. I circumvented it using a second customUI resource, that gets opened in a modal from the published view.