Custom content objects are missing from space import

We have a potential customer who wants to verify that space export/import works as a backup solution before purchasing our app. It turns out that this does not seem to work at the moment.

Our app stores all data as custom content objects inside Confluence. When exporting the space, the exported ZIP does contain the custom content objects. However, when importing the ZIP into Confluence, the custom content objects are not created. We are pretty sure that this used to work at some point.

To reproduce the issue:

  1. Install Orderly Databases for Confluence
  2. Create a space
  3. Create an Orderly Database in the new space (for debugging purposes you can find the custom content ID in the URL of the database view)
  4. Export the space
  5. Delete the space
  6. Import the space again. The database is not present in the imported space.

I have reported this issue as ECOHELP-13668 and will share any findings here.