Custom Content - PWAs in Confluence Cloud?

I read this article about Confluence custom content. However, I’m still not clear. I’ve described my situation here, and I would so much appreciate any advice.


  1. My team uses MadCap Flare as an authoring tool. It’s framework using XML and XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.
  2. When we output an online help system, we have the ability to turn it into a PWA (progressive web application) that users can install if they choose to.
  3. Our help system contains thousands of pages of product help information.

Problem: Flare and Confluence Cloud don’t natively speak to each other and aren’t too friendly with imports or exports. So, I have a horrific time including help content in Confluence (so far, we haven’t included any help content b/c we must use Flare as an authoring tool).

Desired Outcome: I would love to offer our Confluence users access to these help systems within Confluence.

Question: With Confluence’s “custom content” functionality… will that allow me to include our help doc app (PWA) within a Confluence page? Most of our links in the help system are local files. We have very few external URLs in our help documentation.

I would love to know how I could accomplish this!