Custom domains support in Forge


it was recently announced that custom domains are in beta and connect apps get lifecycle hook notifications with an additional displayUrl field.
As an preemptive note, I want to ask: Will this field also be available for Forge contexts?
Our app provides some links into the Jira Cloud instance of the user and we require the correct URL. Until now we use siteUrl from the Forge context. With custom domains, we would require displayUrl in the Forge context immediately!

[Edit] The URL to the announcement:


Hi @lkimmel ,
Was there an annoucement of the displayUrl field for Connect?

Oh sorry, I forgot the URL to the announcement.

I added it to the description.

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Hi @lkimmel yes, we’ll be adding displayUrl to the Forge context.

There will also be redirects in place for customers with custom domains enabled, so if you link to the siteUrl it will still work.