Custom editor with chromeless dialog

I really like what some vendors are doing with custom editors, Gliffy is a good example, lots of custom functionality. What I’m wondering is how to render such a custom editor with chromeless dialogs? Setting the ‘chrome: false’ option in the descriptor does not seem to work for custom editors. Does this require something more involved ?


Hi @TonyGoughAdaptavist ,

Perhaps you’re looking for a similar solution to @GeoffBullen in his Confluence dynamicContentMacro - Is it possible to open custom editor upon macro add topic?

If so, you may like to look at a Glitch app I created that provides a rough demo:

The example is a bit incomplete and glitchy, but will hopefully give you some ideas.


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Thanks for the pointer @dmorrow , unfortunately the Source code link there appears broken, though I can see what you are doing with a generalPage entry in the descriptor. The links on your initial reply there do work so I’m able to test that.

I can see that with this example you’re basically launching a dialog from within the initial editor dialog - I had considered that, but it’s a rather janky way to do things. Using the inspector tool we can see both dialogs present in this case:

Where the initial (top) dialog is not chromeless.

What I’ve noticed is that some vendors at least are not doing this - their editor loads immediately without popping out a 2nd dialog. There is only one ‘section’ in the dom and it is chromeless. Doing this is what eludes me at the moment.


The solution is to give the editor width and height values of 100%!