Custom entities no longer being stored

Hi all,

I had an app that had been storing custom entities effectively last week and is no longer doing so this week. I can’t figure out why it’s not working and hoped someone might offer some insight.

The custom entities are courses and I have an index called by-id. For testing purposes, I set up this call in an async resolver function:

await storage
  .set(`course-${}`, newCourseProperties)
  .catch((err) => console.error(err));

const test = await storage.entity("courses").get(`course-${}`)

const test2 = await storage.entity("courses").query().index("by-id").getMany()
console.log("test1: ", test)
console.log("test2: ", test2)

test returns the expected object, but test2 shows no results (but a nextCursor, which I wouldn’t expect if there are no results).

When I store a simple object as just a key–value pair, it works.

Any ideas what might be going on or how else I could troubleshoot this?

Hi @AaronCollier

I’m an engineer from Forge Storage and can help you with the issue. Could you provide me with the following context of your app?

  • What’s your app ID?
  • Did you run it in the production environment or default?
  • is it a fresh new app, or did you re-install it recently?


  • My app ID is e83de84e-1415-412c-8ca1-275da8e922ba.
  • I ran it in production (also in development).
  • I didn’t re-install the production version recently (not since the issue appeared).

I switched to using key–value storage since the custom entity wasn’t working for me at all.

Thank you so much for sharing the information @AaronCollier , we are investigating this and will get back to you with an updates asap. Thank you!

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What’s the situation? I am having the same issue. How is this not fixed already? This is catastrophic bug when application can’t use storage and fixing this should be top priority!

I was told that they identified this as an issue affect some (but not all) apps using custom entities and they’re trying to find the cause and next steps.