Custom Field created by Forge App is Hidden

We are developing a Forge App that supports JSM.
Our App created a Custom Field to receive the required input from the JSM Portal.
However, the Custom Field created in this way has a Hidden property, which causes the input form to be invisible to the JSM Portal.
We looked up related articles in the Atlassian Community, and it was found that the Custom Field created by the App had a Hidden property, and there was no way to solve it, and related requests were received.
We are trying different ways to solve this problem.
We are currently attempting to configure the Request Form with the portalRequestCreatePropertyPanel, save the values entered here as Issue Property, and synchronize them to the Custom Field created by the App.

So I’d like to ask you a few questions.

  1. Is it right that the Custom Field created by the App will have a Hidden property? Is there any way to remove Hidden property?
  2. Is it appropriate to configure the JSM Portal screen and use the portalRequestCreatePropertyPanel for the Forge App that receives user input for new items, and to connect the stored property to the Custom Filed?
  3. Is there any other common way that Forge App can use other than this?

We need your help please.
Thank you.

Hey there!

I’ll try to guide you as much as I can… Answering your questions one by one…

  1. So, whether the Custom Field created by your Forge App has a Hidden property or not really depends on how you set it up. By default, Forge doesn’t add a Hidden property automatically to the Custom Fields created by your app.

If you’re seeing that the Custom Field in your app has a Hidden property, it’s probably because of some specific settings or choices you made in your app’s code. To figure out why the Hidden property is being set for your Custom Field, you’ll need to take a look at the code and configuration you used when creating it.

  1. Absolutely! It’s totally appropriate to configure the JSM Portal screen and use the portalRequestCreatePropertyPanel for your awesome Forge App. This way, you can easily collect user input for new items and connect that stored property to your Custom Field.

  2. Yes, there are also a few other methods you can consider depending on your specific requirements. You can simply create web panels to integrate additional UI components within JSM. Web panels can be placed in different sections of the JSM interface, such as the sidebar or the issue view.

If you can provide more details about how you’re creating the Custom Field in your app, I might be able to give you more specific guidance. This is what we do at triotech systems, always ready to help. Feel free to reach out.